Call Centers have become the primary means of cimmunications between organizations and their customers. According to a Purdue University study 92% of customer form their opinions about an organization based upon their interaction with the company's call center. A Tranversal study found that 54% of consumers had a higher a opinion of a company before they contacted their call center!

There are 60,000 call center in North America employing more than 8,000,000 workers. Call center and their cousins contact centers (that also process email, webchatsin addition to phone calls) are here to stay.

This wiki is dedicated to sharing knowledge and 'best practices' within the call center community. Through cooperative development and knowledge sharing we can assist organizations to provide improved customer service.

So join us, take part and share you knowledge.

Call Center Employee RetentionEdit

Most Call Center Managers think of low employee turnover is an indication of great management – and that might the case. But a Low Turnover Rate could also be a warning sign of Workforce Productivity & Performance problems. You’ll typically find three different types of Turnover occurring within a Call Center environment: • Good Turn Over: Internal Promotion or Department Transfer. ‘Good Turnover’ should represent about 10% of a Contact Center’s Annual Turnover Rate. • Involuntary Turnover: Illness/Family Issues/Relocation. ‘Involuntary Turnover’ should also usually represent about 10% of a Contact Center’s Annual Turnover Rate. • Dysfunctional Turnover: When an employee quits, a manager fires an employee. This does represent about 80% of turnover rates per year.

Turn over rates in Call Centers are usually very high. There is usually a retention rate of about 26%.

If you were to guess the top 2 reasons of why a Call Center Employee leaves a company, you probably only get the 1st one on this list:

1) The employee has a poor relationship with his or her direct Manager

2) The employee does not have a ♥Best Friend♥ at work

Since 2007 (bad economy) Call Center Turnover is at about a 1/3 rate of what it was previously. Many employees would have left their employers months ago had the option to do so been viable. This recession has forced many frustrated, disappointed and unmotivated Agents to stay put. This trend in Call Center Turnover is not a new one and is consistent with past recessions.

Being in the industry for over 12 years, I have found that the average “life span” of an employee is about 2 years before they are burnt out and start performing poorly. Having an Annual Turnover Rate significantly below the Contact Center Industry Average could also be a warning sign that your Managers have a weak performance management process - or are afraid to terminate – or are slow to release surplus labor. Others may argue that the laws are much more favorable towards employees and more difficult to fire because they are afraid of lawsuits.

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